I'm Adam Christopher Smith.

I work and live in Portland, Oregon.

I love making Apps, Games, Websites and Services.

Let's be friends!

Updated January, 2019

These are projects I worked on professionally.

A research driven, non-profit organization partnering to help all kids learn.

Senior Full Stack Developer

April 2017 - Current

  • • Worked on tools to edit, render, and score test questions
  • • Flexed onto other teams working on authentication, test taking, and content publishing
  • • Front End: AngularJS, MassageJS (our own state driven 'framework')
  • • Backend: Node.js, Express
  • • Cloud: API Gateway, Lambda, DynamoDB, SNS, CloudFront
  • • Ops: Terraform, Docker, Jenkins
  • • Other: Git-mergency first responder, occasional iOS work

A platform for teachers, students, and parents to teach, track progress, and reward students.

Backend/Ops Lead Engineer

October 2015 - February 2017

  • • Developed API endpoints using Node.js+Express.js for web and native clients
  • • Migrated legacy learning curriculum to fix Common Core Standards
  • • Designed MongoDB data schemas for new features and audited/fixed legacy data
  • • Dockerized platform services on Amazon EC2 Container Service for high scalability and resilience

Product Manager

October 2015 - February 2017

  • • Translated high-level company initiatives to actionable user stories
  • • Used project management software to assign/track work for team of 4-6 people
  • • Took feedback from engineers and leadership to iterate process

An iOS client for the Goldstar API service. Find events, purchase tickets, and go out more.

iOS Developer

November 2013 - June 2015

  • • Built new features, improved old features, fixed bugs, the usual!
  • • Added support for both iOS 7 and iOS 8 features, including Handoff, a Today Widget, and more
  • • Mastered Auto Layout for building new UI, upgrading old components when necessary

Style Touch

iOS Game @ 50Cubes Inc.

Touch-based tool/game to design clothing and outfits with hundreds of details, colors, and clothing patterns

Lead Developer

November 2012 - April 2013

  • • Wrote code, built UI, helped lead team of engineers to build UIKit app
  • • Lead transition to using Interface Builder + code for designing views
  • • Used CoreData to manage application information + user state
  • • Helped build over the air content delivery and asset management system
  • • Rapidly prototyped new features, iterated quickly with changing design constraints

Project P.I.G.

Unity3D Game @ 50Cubes Inc.

A secret, unreleased project, matching hardware iPhone accessories, synchronous multiplayer, and first person shooter dueling.

Developer + Project Owner

March 2012 - June 2012

  • • Helped build and maintain peer-to-peer synchronous multiplayer system
  • • Built in game GUI for In-App purchases, character selection, weapon upgrade system

Fashion Designer

Social Flash Game @ 50Cubes Inc.

Help 'customers' by creating original fashion designs. Compete against others with your design skills

Backend Lead

June 2010 - January 2013

  • • Designed architecture for successful social game
  • • Application largely based on key-value storage of User Generated Content
  • • Contributed towards/Oversaw all aspects of backend code development
  • • Managed team sized from 1-5 developers

Tools Lead

June 2010 - January 2013

  • • Seconds title to utilize Mojo CMS system
  • • Architected and oversaw work on additional tools for in game quest system and new content creation tools


Social Flash Game @ 50Cubes Inc.

Design and manage your own boutique. Customize your avatar and compete in fashion shows

Backend Lead

November 2009 - January 2013

  • • Designed/wrote code architecture for successful social game
  • • Application designed on custom LAMP stack, hosted on EC2
  • • Trust-no-client state-engine design
  • • Peaked at over 1,000,000 daily active users
  • • Additionally utilized Redis and membase
  • • Managed team sized from 1-5 developers

Tools Lead

November 2009 - January 2013

  • • Created CMS system known as Mojo for content/gameplay control
  • • Over 20,000 in game items managed through the system
  • • Dashboard for custom tracking, AB testing control panel and reports
  • • Primary tool for Customer Service and in-game Translations
  • • Used for ad campaign delivery/tracking for custom in game brand engagements

These are projects I worked on for fun.


iOS Game

Combine and clear balls with dozens of effects/modes/objectives

Sole developer

June 2013 - Ongoing

  • • Built using iOS's SpriteKit Framework
  • • 100 unique levels with dozens of mechanics
  • • Includes In-App Purchases, GameCenter, iCloud game saves
  • • Puzzly

Word Meld

iOS Game

Take turns with a friend trying to guess the same word

Sole developer

January 2013 - May 2014

  • • Built using UIKit, GameCenter with turn-based matches
  • • Functional prototype in 2 weeks
  • • Polished gameplay, iterated on design (shout out to Erik Hindman), added features and released on the AppStore
  • • Dozens of DAU!


Ruby on Rails Website

A site where users can browse and create lists of things. Anyone can add to any list, vote on their favorites

Creator, Co-founder (Along with Joslyn Esser)

November 2009 - November 2010

  • • Built on Ruby-on-Rails 2.3
  • • jQuery and jQuery UI throughout site
  • • Ajax commenting, pagination, voting
  • • Currently out of commission, Heroku requires Rails 3 and I haven't upgraded her
  • • Fact: Having no production screenshots, this one has only dummy data =(

This Portfolio


A showcase of many of my recent works of code.


September 2013 - Ongoing

  • • Custom Programmer level "design"
  • • HTML standards
  • • Recursion

These are projects I worked on really quickly.

He and Us

Unity 2D game for 2015 Global Game Jam
Theme: What do we do now?

Work with a buddy to escape prison, and other things that go bump in the night.

Sole Programmer

48 Hours in January 2015

  • • Co-op, side-scrolling, hyphen-inducing beat-em-up
  • • Lots of character animations and rope physics
  • • Did we mention there's a WEREWOLF? Oops, spoiler alert.

Brave Little Wrecking Ball

iOS Game for 2014 Mayhem Jam
Theme: Mother of Mayhem

Sling your little wrecking ball around and around. Make it through 8 waves of battle to face your final challenge - The Mother of Mayhem!

Programmer, Game Designer

48 Hours in May 2014

  • • Gesture + Physics control scheme
  • • Precise cinematic boss sequence with music, sounds, animations
  • • Taught my fellow programmer teammate Objective-C and SpriteKit during the Jam

As You Will

iOS Game for 2014 Global Game Jam
Theme: "We don't see things as they are, we see them as we are"

Discover the complex interpersonal relationships of our four space explorers through this 4 player, point-and-click narrative experience.


48 Hours in January 2014

  • • Created a generic prerequisite information/progress tracking system for flexible content demands
  • • Used SpriteKit to quickly build a fluid, reactive environment

Tractor Driver

Flash Game for 2013 Indie Speed Run
Theme: Agriculture

Farming is TOUGH. Drive four different farm vehicles across your plot as efficiently as possible to maximize your yield. Careful though, the vehicles probably could use a tune up - or maybe you need to take it easier on the vodka.

Artist, Programmer, Game Designer, 1 of 2 Developers

48 Hours in September 2013

  • • Used blitting system to sample different bitmaps and give field clearing effect.
  • • All artwork, including tractors, field layers, menu screens


Flash Game for 2013 Global Game Jam
Theme: *heart beat noise*

Manually pump a heart faster and faster until either it explodes or your arthritis does... Press the listed keys to Open the valves and the others to Pump the chambers

Jammer (AKA Part developer, part game designer, part tester, part cheerleader)

48 Hours in January 2013

  • • Keypress synchronization, combo identification, etc. There's more built than was used, doh.
  • • Gameplay/controls to animation coordination


Flash Game for 2012 50Cubes Company Game Jam

Explore the grotesque chambers of the bestiary. Round 1: Type what you see. Round 2: Drag and drop. Round 3: Type adjectives that match

Project Manager + Writer

48 Hours in September 2012

  • • Coordinated project that had far more phases than any other game jam game I've worked on
  • • Came up with each narrative, the associated hints/fears of enemies, noun/adjective lists etc.

Game Jam President of Game Jamming (self-appointed)

September 2012

  • • Co-Ran the entire Game Jam for our company with coworker Alec Ditonto
  • • Inspired from a GDC mini talk, I worked to get our company approval/support. It was a blast, we made 8 games with 40 people.

Eternal Return

Flash Game for 2012 Global Game Jam
Theme: Ouroboros

Escape the center of the universe. As time passes, stars move further apart. WSAD to move/turn. Red = Fuel, Green = Maneuverability, Blue = Time Warp (Space to go activate)

Jammer (AKA Part developer, part game designer, part tester, part cheerleader)

48 Hours in January 2012

  • • Built the universe generation system. You can replay the same seed each time or generate a new one
  • • The universe shrinks over time, with all planets moving towards the center. Reversible velocity for time warp


Flash Game for 2011 Global Game Jam
Theme: Extinction

Extinction simulation game. Each entity on screen has attractors/repulsers to meet its needs. Exterminate the required species.

Jammer (AKA Part developer, part game designer, part tester, part cheerleader)

48 Hours in January 2011

  • • Worked on the entity attraction/repulsion system
  • • Built external tunability functionality into game for easy tweaking of entity behaviors